Friday 20 March 2015

Interview with Derek Joseph, Founder of Social Photo Booth

Derek Joseph is the founder and CEO of Social Photo Booth. The success of the innovative Canadian based company has seen its rapid growth from its beginnings in Ottawa to now being available in both Montreal and Toronto. 

Describe your entrepreneurial story, including the genius behind the 
Social Photo Booth.

Social Photo Booth started as an idea in late 2012. I was at a wedding and there was a DIY basic photo booth which was starting to get a little popular. At that time the idea came to mind of commercializing it & doing it in a professional way to target more than just weddings but also businesses & help them in their marketing strategies using a fun & creative way. The company started as a small experiment with a bunch of different ideas being tested until some solid services were established.

What is some of the new tech behind the Social Photo Booth?

Social Photo Booth uses state of art technology with high end equipment to produce the best quality of pictures which is instantly evident in comparison to other companies. We use photolab grade printers that print in less than 8 seconds on a water proof, tear proof & smudge proof paper.

Weddings are an obvious use of the photo booth, what other sorts of events have been big?

Social Photo Booth's clients are both individuals & businesses. Weddings makeup the biggest majority of the individual clients in addition to birthday parties, reunions, anniversaries, bar & bat mitzvas while the business side of business consists of corporate events, staff parties, product launches, new store openings, conferences & christmas parties.

What have been the challenges as you've grown?

One of the challenges we had was how to be able to replicate the success we had in our local market in other markets where competition is stronger & customers have different level of expectation. Social Photo Booth started in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. Then expanded to included services in Montreal where have a dedicated team of bilingual staff to cater to the french community in Montreal & we have just recently launched in Toronto. Toronto's market is strong. But our connections & contacts with corporate clients have helped us develop a network that has started to pay off in the Torontonian market where all corporate headquarters are located.

Any advice you would give to other entrepreneurs thinking of chasing their dream?

I would say everything successful starts with a small idea & then grows. Whenever you have an idea you believe in it, don't be afraid to pursue it & see where it may take you. Most importantly ask for advice, & opinions don't rely solely on your own judgement & be open to criticism, it only makes you better.

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