Sunday 12 October 2014

Interview with Command House Creations I.T Wizard Seng

The explosive Mr Seng
The technical side of running a business can often go forgotten. Behind every store is vital people who help maintain that operations run as smoothly as possible. 
Command House is no different. Whenever, wherever we require need of a skilled set of hands the one man we know we can count on is Mr Seng. 

Can you tell us a little about your background and the work you've done at Command House?

I've always enjoyed all aspects of IT. Even at a young age I would play around with coding on various platforms. I've been involved with this industry 10 years now and built a very good reputation and clientele. I get a lot of satisfaction from my work and take a lot of pride from positive feedback regarding it. Through my IT work I was recommended to Command House to optimise and perform maintenance on their systems and update their servers.

How does working on a fashion site differ to other projects you've worked on?

Well every customer has their own expectations and requirements, this is no different in the fashion industry. It’s my job to cater for what the customer wants and if it’s feasible to implement this within the boundaries of any technical restrictions there may be. Websites for example, the trend in the Fashion industry when compared to other sectors is to over-complicate the usability of websites with the overuse of plug ins such as Flash.  It’s very nice having the use of flash on an intro or having very extravagant backgrounds but how practical is this? Not much! Having a flash intro can over time become tedious for customers using your site and push back the presence of your site on the various internet search engines. Can you imagine having to make 7 or 8 clicks to navigate to the web page you want every time you visit your favourite site, its something I wouldn't want to do on a regular basis. What’s important is customer return rates to your site and this notion can sometimes be lost, it’s my job to often remind my clients that often practicality over extravagance is the best way to increase revenue when it comes to eCommerce.

What’s been your biggest challenge here at Command House?

When people look at Command House it’s easy to see that the quality of the work produced is very important for us. I know first hand being here that if a piece of work isn't up to standard then it will be redone from scratch until it reaches the level that we can be proud to have our name on. Achieving this level of work is a very rewarding challenge for me personally, there’s a great team spirit here and seeing us progressing forward is great.

Can you tell us about any future projects you will be working on?

Its still in the early stages so how much I can say is limited but for sure we will be looking to expand and branch out our expertise in the creative field further in the near future. My role in this is again on the technical side of things so you can expect any developments in this area to have the same focus on the simplicity of use and quality Command House users have come to expect.

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