Monday 25 August 2014

A Guide to Clothing Maintenance!

At Command House we maintain the most stringent methods of manufacturer to ensure 
our customers get the best product possible. As part of our apparel quality control procedures 
all our clothing is vigorously tested by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural 
Affairs) certified Dry Cleaning specialists to provide the utmost assurance to our customers 
of the durability of our garments. The results of these extensive tests have provided us with key 
recommendations for our customers to take into consideration when washing Command 
House Clothing;

Clothing to be cleaned in a cold wash at no more than 30 degrees temperature and for 
garments to be hung to dry. We don’t recommend you place garments in hot water or a 
hot dryer as this can lead to potential shrinkage.

For ironing we recommend garments be pressed inside out to protect the print label. It is possible 
to iron garments in a regular fashion if steam pressed only.

Command House garments are wash onlyDon’t Dry Clean as the solvents used can damage/remove 
the print label on garments.

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