Monday 11 August 2014

Interview with social media guru Hus!

Hus at the Command House Creations studio
Behind every one of our posts or tweets lies a man who we fondly know as Hus. As Command House’s social media marketing manager, Hus’s attention to detail, quick wit and ability to adapt to any given situation makes him a well-liked and valuable member of the Command House team. Taking a seat now in the Command House studios let’s hear from our multitasking man of many talents;

You have been at Command House for some time now and you have recently started administrating our social media activities. How has the transition been from your past job roles to your current management position?

The transition is a work in progress! In the past, I've had the opportunity to work in many different jobs roles. I've worked as a chef, a tradesman, in finance and in the music industry but nothing prepared me for the creative activities I've experienced here. It’s definitely a welcome change and I’m having a great time working with the team. We’re always churning out new ideas and finding ways to implement them.

That’s great to hear. What will you be focusing on in your new role?

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of emails from our fans and not all are related to clothing. We really do get a mixed bag of questions to answer! It’s important to us to keep up the interaction with our fan base and be more social on the blog and on twitter as well as Facebook. Things are always happening and it’s my job to let our fans know the latest news and developments on all things Command.

What skills do you think are important in social media?

Definitely to have a great sense of humour. In social media words are important and a catchy line or saying can get peoples attention. So creativity also is a great skill to have, alot of times i draw on my experience when i composed music which i enjoy and has helped me a lot in my new role here.

Having a good sense of humour seems to be a running theme for you. Who were your inspirations when growing up?

Growing up I was a fan of the great Richard Prior, very inspirational Love Eddie Murphy’s early stuff as well as Dave Chappelle, Russell Peters and Russell Howard.

Can you tell us any unique stories from your time here at Command House?

I remember way back when command house first started i went to the bank wearing Command and had the cashier give me a strange look and asked me about the t-shirt I was wearing and where she could get one! We've come a long way since and are now known, these days i'm getting friends and family asking me to get them our clothing all the time. Its thanks a lot to the originality of our designers. The designers have come up with some eye catching and unique designs that draw a lot of attention, but aren't loud or brash. Knowing what these guys do i'm always proud to put my Command on.

Speaking of clothing, What's your favourite Command House item of clothing?

The Women’s Ella7 Polo shirt. I wear it everywhere! (laughs) Just joking, I love my Blue House Hoody. It’s really comfortable and a great original design.

Getting back to your role in social media can you tell us any immediate or future plans?

Were becoming more active on our social media pages to keep our followers informed on what is going on here. We may have a few competitions coming up later on in the year so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for news on that.

Finally what advise would you give to someone starting out in social media?
Know when to post! Don’t be random with your timing, if your audience are working professionals then post at times when there most likely to see. Grammar also, its amazing how a simple thing like proof reading and spell checking get overlooked, don't rush to avoid any embarrassment!

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