Wednesday 29 April 2015

Interview with Pierre Coombes Managing Director of Big Wolf Marketing Ltd

Pierre Coombes is the Managing Director of Big Wolf Marketing Limited a British based global B2B sales company. Big Wolf has gained a renowned reputation as one of the UK's leading Sales specialists Marketing agencies.

What does Big Wolf Marketing Ltd do and how is it different from other marketing agencies?

Pierre Coombes Managing Director of Big Wolf Marketing Ltd
At we are a specialist Telemarketing agency, but we also cater to other marketing needs like digital, design and even print. What differs us from the other Marketing agencies out there would be our real focus on value for money, by ensuring we create results in-line with our clients expectations. 

Can you describe yourself briefly? What is your passion? How did you get started and how did you become a Managing Director?

I'm passionate about people, psychology, methodology and of course as an entrepreneur challenges that yield the opportunities to created extended income for both my business and my clients.

What's your day-to-day kind of role? What do you do day in day out?

Most of my day is spent consulting with clients, with the view to understand their businesses, challenges and short and long term goals. I also coach, train and talk at events, while at the same time, quite unusually I'm a very active MD, I do from time to time deliver active specialist telemarketing myself for corporate and high profile clients. 

What do you think are the main elements of a good marketing strategy?

There's really no one good marketing strategy for every business, for example some companies telemarketing doesn’t look to return a viable return on the investment and digital may be the leading route to return. Both myself and my team look at companies on an individual basis and look to understand their business model and then look to plan and implement a strategy that works uniquely for them.

What is the biggest marketing mistake a business can make?

Relying on 1 route to business, i.e just advertising or just email marketing, too many people make assumptions and place their eggs in too many baskets and that’s usually an unwise option. 

Concerning lead generation? Where do you think B2B vendors can find the most in-market sales opportunities today?

Well undoubtedly the internet isn’t a bad place to start, so having a central business platform online to best position your business is key. That said without real interaction, you cant do business, and thus as I’m sure you'd expect, Id over most suggestions for how to find most opportunities, say it is in the power of expert telemarketing to really give action.

What can we expect from you in the future? What's to come? 

I'm very excited to announce that not only do we have our flagship head-office in Reading Berk, our satellite Mayfair,London & Manhattan, New York offices, but we are launching a new Office in Valletta, Malta at the start of July the website will soon be up at 

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