Friday 15 May 2015

Interview Mr.Tricks CEO of Heavy Management Worldwide & Heavy Graphics Marketing

Mr Tricks is the CEO of Heavy Graphics Marketing and Heavy management Worldwide both are U.S based companies and both have a long established history of brand development, Marketing & Artist Development.

Mr.Tricks CEO
You are the co-owner of Heavy Graphics Print and Marketing Solutions and manage music artists under Heavy Management WorldWide, tell us a little more about these companies ? 

I am the CEO of Heavy Graphics Marketing, which I co-own with my amazing wife Celebrity Designer Gia and my multi-media partner Super Steve. Heavy Management Worldwide does artist development, music submissions for outlets such as movies, commercials, endorsements and more. Our main focus at this time is a young talented Hip Hop / R&B artist, which a lot of Major Labels are after him named Aaron Salem. Not only is he what’s new in Hip Hop, but is the next up and coming. 

How did you get started in the marketing and music industry?

It kind of all happen at the same time. Back in 1999, I found myself becoming an accidental club promoter. Along side my friend Dj Eon, three girls dancers called “The Mad Skillz Queens”, and a female rapper named Wisdom Love. I decided to throw a party! I Decided to throw a house party. Over 300 people showed up to my apartment, so I said why not try a club? I started doing parties in South Beach. I got some advice from one of Miami’s biggest promoters Fred DuBerry “Dew” of D.W.O., who told me “You have a good heart, people like and will follow you, and if you do it right, you can make more money than a doctor".

As it turns out, I went Heavy into promotions. Aside from club promotions, I began to get a lot of calls from other clubs and promoters, who saw our success and wanted me to give them concept and design ideas for their events. Before I knew it, I was getting 4-5 phone calls weekly. One promoter mentioned, I’ll pay you for each idea and concept, before I knew it, I was selling over 20 ideas and concepts a week over the phone. 

A good friend of mine, Miguel Paredes, who owned a printshop gave me an opportunity. As I was sitting on the box of flyers I was picking up from him for my event, he mentioned I was doing a lot of printing and selling a lot of concepts. He suggested for me to work with him and open up my own office for design and printing, and focus on the Hip Hop and Latin clients which was my target base .It was no brainer, I teamed up with another creative 16 year old named Thought 57, and opened Heavy Graphx 14 years ago. From there everything grew into the blessing it is today Heavy Graphics Marketing and Print Solutions. 

How would you describe the job of an artist manager?

First of all for me, I must be a fan of the person I manage. That is why I only focus on one artist at a time. But, it would be hard to describe it as a job, it’s more of a choice of life for me. If you see my story, everything was chosen for me by God, I never said I wanted to be anything, I was just given opportunities and I took them all and so I became them. I believe God’s gift to us is our talent, and what we do with it is our gift to him.

When is a new artist ready for management? How can he/she find a manager?

When the time is right, you won’t have to look, they will find you “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. 

Do you have any advice on how an up-and-coming artist should assess potential managers?

Keep it real, be honest, be you, work hard, stay focused, be grateful, humble and learn to have persistent patience.

New technologies (social media, iTunes) have added a dynamic to the music industry. How do you continue to provide counsel to your clients even as the ground continues to shift under

By always staying ahead of the game. A lot of Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Ted Talks. Constantly recreating myself and being aware of all new sources of marketing and promotions that are new and relevant .

Where do you plan to take your business next?

To transition Heavy Graphics Marketing into an advertising agency. To make Heavy Management Worldwide a platform for Music, where we will create a new “cool” for today’s youth, without the negativity, drugs, profane language, which is over used in today's music culture. Which I believe is not needed. “When I reach the end of this life as we know it, and I am standing in front of my Creator,
I would like to be able to say just one thing “ I have not one bit of talent left, because I used everything you gave me”.

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