Tuesday 21 July 2015

Interview with Rueben Wood, owner of Spaced Out Magazine

Rueben Wood is a celebrity journalist and owner of Spaced Out Magazine. Since its launch his website has received over 8.6 million hits and is fast becoming a valuable partner for several leading media brands and companies. 

Your known in the industry as a media icon and celebrity journalist but I wanted to start from the beginning. What was it like for you growing up in Brunswick, Georgia.? Was there ever any sign that you would wind up choosing this life?

Rueben Wood of SOM Media Network
For me growing up was rough, my parents split when I was 7 years old, so I moved to Dawson, Ga. and lived with my mother until i was 14. It was during this time i learned what it meant to hustle. I got tired of getting only $5 every two weeks for allowance, so i started selling snacks in the third grade. I would take my allowance, figure out how much candy, drinks, and chips, i could buy, and how much food, i could make at home that would sell. I went to school one day, and just started selling food, candy, and drinks. I never really stopped selling stuff. By the time I moved back to Brunswick, I was focused on studying the market, and I did. By the ninth grade I was a fully fledged entrepreneur, and that's what i was known for! I didn’t think growing up that I would be a celebrity journalist or owner of Spaced Out Magazine, I just knew I could sell stuff, I’m very creative, and I love to cook.

When did you first start thinking about celebrity journalism? What were the first things that got your attention?

In 2000 I did my first freestyle, and from that I went into production. From that dancing, to singing and being this musically inclined person, that led me into the entertainment industry. When I graduated high school, I was determined to make it in the industry, so did a lot of music both recording and producing, but in 2011 I noticed as an indie artist there wasn’t much for us to promote ourselves. I think it was meant to be like that, because that’s what sparked me to make a change. I was new to journalism but always wrote songs, so i studied it and looked at other magazines, but none of them captured me the way i wanted to capture people. Most magazines fit into a category but i wanted to create one that was more than just one category, it had to be something different and worth it. So that's how I came up with SOM.

You were once known as a Hip Hop and R&B act by the name of Yung Bank. How did this evolve to you becoming the owner of Spaced Out Magazine and the SOM Media Network?

I was signed to a distribution agreement with Island Def Jam and Bright Lights Entertainment, back during that time and I didn’t like my situation. After I left it, I thought having a manager would help me do something different and be more of a benefit to me but it wasn’t. I found myself losing out on deals from other major labels, and being limited over all with my musical talent. Before I made the final decision to make my transition to media fully, I asked myself did I tell my story? But I knew music wasn’t the way for me to do that, helping others and creating the next big thing was something better for me. Since growing up with the entrepreneurial ambition, I just naturally made an easy transition to media even though my fans were pissed. Once I became a legitimate business owner, I began to work with many indie artist and major acts, so it was definitely everything I knew it would be.

How do you balance your involvement with the business of being a celebrity journalist, whilst also supporting other projects such as your involvement of being a celebrity chef in the show “Small Kitchen Big Taste”?

Since cooking comes more natural, it was easy to balance that. We have been in post production for “Small Kitchen Big Taste” for sometime creating the best version of the show as possible. Since it isn’t backed by other major networks I have more control over the show and the reach it will have to consumers and fans. But sometimes it is a struggle to do so much in one day, but it always pans out.

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing the success of my clients, and the artist I have helped. Also seeing the look on peoples faces the first time they bite into something I’ve cooked.

What have been some of biggest struggles you have faced in the industry?

Poor Management, lack of motivation, and understanding whose really loyal and right to associate with.

So what advice would you give to someone who is just starting to get into celebrity journalism?

Do your research, invest in yourself, and find your own lane. Once you do these go to the top and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with us about your future plans / goals / lifetime goals?

I’m pretty sure you will see them manifest very soon! Stay tuned!

Want to contact Rueben?

Phone:  404-673-1180

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