Wednesday 11 July 2012

Exclusive Interview With Simon Howard

Simon Howard at the Command House Creations Studio in North London.
Here at Command House when we think of style we think of Simon Howard. A successful model and photographer Simon’s versatility in front of the camera and ability to capture imaginative images makes him one of the most sought after talents in the fitness industry. Gracing the covers of fitness magazines or appearing in advertising material for numerous promotional campaigns is all part of Simons standard repertoire of work. Taking all this into consideration it's no surprise to see Simon regularly feature as Command House Clothing’s leading male model and first chosen to launch an exclusive set of interviews for our new blog;

Command House Clothing (CHC): Simon you’ve been modelling now for a number of years and also branched out into becoming a successful photographer, how has the transition been from one spectrum of the camera to another?

Simon Howard (SNH): It was a really easy transition, I have a background in design, and actually have a degree in design also, so have always been creative. I really enjoy the freedom and expression as a photographer.

CHC: Have there been any major changes in the industry from when you first started to now, if so how have you adapted?

SNH: The industry has changed massively since I first started the internet and social media have changed everything. It makes all the opportunities accessible to everyone and has made the industry even more competitive.

CHC: You’ve worked with major talents in fitness world and still going strong, how have you kept yourself grounded?

SNH: I have always been a realist, It could all be other tomorrow so you can’t let success change you. I am always grateful for the opportunities I get.

CHC: Speaking more about apparel, do you dress more for fashion or function?

SNH: Probably more function, as I am always busy.

CHC: What’s your fashion obsession?

SNH: I’m a basic jeans and t-shirt guy really.

CHC: Is there something you would never wear, or something you’ve regretting wearing in the past?

SNH: I worked as a model for a number of years so there are loads I regret having to wear.

CHC: Over the past 6 months what’s been your best buy?

SNH: I’ve had quite a few functions to attend so have had to invest in some new dress shirts, I find if you spend a bit more and get one that has some shape and tailoring it’s a much better buy.

CHC: What do you predict to be the star buy of the Command House Spring/Summer collection?

SNH: As I said I am jeans and t-shirt guy, and there are some great t-shirts in the new range so I am sure they will go down well.

CHC: Keeping in mind your own experiences, what’s your top tip for a guy in what to wear when going out on a date?

SNH: Depends on where you are taking her, if I was keeping it casual I would definitely wear my Command House Hoodie.

CHC: Finally do you have any upcoming projects/events that you would like to inform your fans.

SNH: I’m really lucky I always have a lot of diverse projects going on, doors seem to be opening to me in lots of different areas, and for all those interested definitely add my facebook page SNHFoto to keep up to date with my latest work.

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Friday 22 June 2012

Got Attitude Give Commands!

Well the new Command House Clothing website is finally here and what a journey it’s been! To call it a rollercoaster ride is an understatement but all good things take time, courage and a lot of perseverance. This is the first of what will be a regular blog on all things Command House, a genuine voice away from the usual corporate lines that goes in deep into what keeps our clothing ticking. You will get to read here first the latest developments on our new releases but more importantly a precedence will be set to detail what makes Command House unique....its people. It’s not always easy to find or build a spirit within a company, or make dream into a reality...we've always gone with the notion to keep our minds open to new ideas (but not so much that our brains fall out : ) comments, criticisms good, bad or just plain’s the place to make your opinions count!