Monday 25 August 2014

A Guide to Clothing Maintenance!

At Command House we maintain the most stringent methods of manufacturer to ensure 
our customers get the best product possible. As part of our apparel quality control procedures 
all our clothing is vigorously tested by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural 
Affairs) certified Dry Cleaning specialists to provide the utmost assurance to our customers 
of the durability of our garments. The results of these extensive tests have provided us with key 
recommendations for our customers to take into consideration when washing Command 
House Clothing;

Clothing to be cleaned in a cold wash at no more than 30 degrees temperature and for 
garments to be hung to dry. We don’t recommend you place garments in hot water or a 
hot dryer as this can lead to potential shrinkage.

For ironing we recommend garments be pressed inside out to protect the print label. It is possible 
to iron garments in a regular fashion if steam pressed only.

Command House garments are wash onlyDon’t Dry Clean as the solvents used can damage/remove 
the print label on garments.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Interview with Command House Sales Director Geoffrey Orchard

Every successful company requires strong leadership, a common vision and a compass to keep it on course to achieve its goals. A man that we often refer to as a one of the pillars of Command House and whom encompasses many of these traits is our own Sales Director. Taking time out of his busy schedule we bring the first of a two part interview with one of the founders of command house; Geoffrey Ofosu Orchard.

Can you tell us about your background?

I've been in the service industry a long time. Once I realised I had a passion for communication I felt that it was a perfect fit for the retail environment. I brought many aspects of my personality into my work. After a certain stage my ambition reached a point where I felt I was ready to start my own brand.

What would you say is your strongest skill?

I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to any environment I enter. If you have an open character you can energise an otherwise very generic and static atmosphere that sometimes the retail industry encompasses. The shopping experience should be fun and customers enticed ideally by the experience. From big to small companies a customers specifically wants you to be a personal shopper. They want the friendly energetic character with a split personality. On one hand your professional and you have a great product knowledge, a sense of what colours and styles go together. On the other hand customers want you to be their best friend walking around with them. Customers want the comfort of their best friend as well as the professionalism and product knowledge of someone to find unique outfits and flatter them.

How do you stay ahead?

To be frank the only way I see staying ahead of the competition is constant innovation of style. The second point and the most crucial point is adapting to change and staying ahead of the fashion curve. So in other words if there’s a trend on the streets of London, Tokyo, or Paris our brand would need to be the trend setter rather than one of our rivals. For example last summer a clothing retailer stocked brightly coloured and styled leggings which became extremely popular with women on the high street. In London’s footfall this particular style was popular. And at this point in time it was only stocked by one retailer, the exclusivity was one of the factors what made it highly desirable

What goals do you want to achieve with your future projects?

Needless to say all the projects we undertake we work hard to make successful. Based on my knowledge of the industry and future trends I feel that one of our future projects will be to expand the brand more into sports accessories. Smart and sporty is where were looking to go , I don’t want to give too much away but elements of technology will be added to our clothing.   

What advise would you give people wanting to get into the industry?

I would say specifically because we've covered a lot of areas in fashion becoming a clothing retailer is a very rewarding challenge. Having an energetic, forward thinking, stylistic view can aid you in this industry immensely. So if you want to get in the industry have a strong sense of style and visualise your idea in a retail format.  

Monday 11 August 2014

Interview with social media guru Hus!

Hus at the Command House Creations studio
Behind every one of our posts or tweets lies a man who we fondly know as Hus. As Command House’s social media marketing manager, Hus’s attention to detail, quick wit and ability to adapt to any given situation makes him a well-liked and valuable member of the Command House team. Taking a seat now in the Command House studios let’s hear from our multitasking man of many talents;

You have been at Command House for some time now and you have recently started administrating our social media activities. How has the transition been from your past job roles to your current management position?

The transition is a work in progress! In the past, I've had the opportunity to work in many different jobs roles. I've worked as a chef, a tradesman, in finance and in the music industry but nothing prepared me for the creative activities I've experienced here. It’s definitely a welcome change and I’m having a great time working with the team. We’re always churning out new ideas and finding ways to implement them.

That’s great to hear. What will you be focusing on in your new role?

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of emails from our fans and not all are related to clothing. We really do get a mixed bag of questions to answer! It’s important to us to keep up the interaction with our fan base and be more social on the blog and on twitter as well as Facebook. Things are always happening and it’s my job to let our fans know the latest news and developments on all things Command.

What skills do you think are important in social media?

Definitely to have a great sense of humour. In social media words are important and a catchy line or saying can get peoples attention. So creativity also is a great skill to have, alot of times i draw on my experience when i composed music which i enjoy and has helped me a lot in my new role here.

Having a good sense of humour seems to be a running theme for you. Who were your inspirations when growing up?

Growing up I was a fan of the great Richard Prior, very inspirational Love Eddie Murphy’s early stuff as well as Dave Chappelle, Russell Peters and Russell Howard.

Can you tell us any unique stories from your time here at Command House?

I remember way back when command house first started i went to the bank wearing Command and had the cashier give me a strange look and asked me about the t-shirt I was wearing and where she could get one! We've come a long way since and are now known, these days i'm getting friends and family asking me to get them our clothing all the time. Its thanks a lot to the originality of our designers. The designers have come up with some eye catching and unique designs that draw a lot of attention, but aren't loud or brash. Knowing what these guys do i'm always proud to put my Command on.

Speaking of clothing, What's your favourite Command House item of clothing?

The Women’s Ella7 Polo shirt. I wear it everywhere! (laughs) Just joking, I love my Blue House Hoody. It’s really comfortable and a great original design.

Getting back to your role in social media can you tell us any immediate or future plans?

Were becoming more active on our social media pages to keep our followers informed on what is going on here. We may have a few competitions coming up later on in the year so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for news on that.

Finally what advise would you give to someone starting out in social media?
Know when to post! Don’t be random with your timing, if your audience are working professionals then post at times when there most likely to see. Grammar also, its amazing how a simple thing like proof reading and spell checking get overlooked, don't rush to avoid any embarrassment!

Monday 4 August 2014

Exclusive Interview with Silvija Sheilaite

Striking a pose Silvija Sheilaite
Well it’s been a long wait but were back with an exclusive interview with the amazingly beautiful Silvija Sheilaite. Known for her piercing good looks and super toned physique Silvija has graced podiums and featured in catalogues the world over. Now here in the Command House studios we finally get a chance to sit down and talk about all things Sheilaite.
Silvija you’ve modelled now a few years, how would you describe your experiences?
Every minute can be a new experience when there is a camera on you. I try to be myself and bring my own energy into the photos. I hope that people can see this. I’ve met many interesting people and I’ve learned much in this time that I’m sure will be a benefit for me in the future.
How did you start modelling?
I was spotted by a model scout at the time that approached me for this work. I wanted to try modelling, for me fashion is very interesting and I have a passion to learn how things work, so it was a great opportunity to learn something I love.
How would you describe your style?
I dress how I’m feeling so I don’t have a specific style. I can dress smart, simple or sporty, every style has its own interesting detail.
From the photo shoots you have modelled so far do you have a personal favourite you feel brought out the best in you?
All the shoots I have been on have their own unique feel but if I was to pick a favourite it would be my first photo shoot with Command House where I had the opportunity to work with the photographer Simon Howard of SNH FOTO ( He knows the industry well and he really made me feel at ease the whole time.
What do enjoy the most about modelling?
The fun part for me is everything you do before the shoot happens, the preparation, the make up, these things I really enjoy. It’s funny for me sometimes how much clothes you have to change also, sometimes we are wearing more clothes in one event than usually you wear in normal week.
How would you describe your ideal atmosphere when you’re on assignments?
Of course it should be a relaxing atmosphere, we joke, we have fun, we try to make things as calm as possible otherwise it can be difficult.
Do you have any turn offs about modelling?
I wouldn’t say turn offs, I really enjoy modelling. In fact if you can say something I don’t like it’s when the photo shoot ends. Even if I am tired every shoot for me is a big experience and I’m happy to be a part of it.
What would you say that you look for in your ideal photographer?
Obviously I like to work with someone who really knows their work and what they want, someone who explains how to be better in the moment with the vision that they have. It can sometimes be strange for me when a photographer just asks that I stand and pose with no instruction. I like to have a connection with what they expect and what I can give them. For example when I work with yourselves (Command House) I like how things are made, everything is explained to me what is needed from me and how correctly I can do that. I like to know the vision, and when I know what is expected I can give my best.
Has modelling changed the way you look at life?
I wouldn’t call it change but it has given me focus, I’ve seen different styles, the attitude and presence of people in this work. If I see someone has something useful that I need to improve then always I try to learn this.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time and what are your future plans?

Well this year has been very important for me with work and my personal life. For sure I plan to compete, modelling has given me a great confidence to participate in my events and to be successful. What I learn in fashion I try to bring into my fitness and bodybuilding and vice versa, so it will continue to be this way in the future.